Facade Seminar Series

About Facades Seminar Series

These CPD-certified sessions will comprise of panel sessions as well as presentations. Industry leaders will educate visitors on topics such as Cost Analysis, Drone
Logistics, Fire and Life Safety.

Below listed are few of the topics that we will be covering:

  • The future of colored solar panel facade in UAE
  • How can architects use BIM to streamline complex facade designs?
  • What is the relevance of double skin facades in today’s industry?
  • Responsibilities of the various stakeholders in ensuring building fire and life safety 
  • Effect of green facades systems on the building temperature 
  • Challenges in selecting right glass solutions, doors & windows glass for your space
  • Managing the Aesthetic of Glass Architecture: The Visual Properties of Glass
  • BIOMIMICRY IN FACADES- can it lead to more sustainable future?
  • Role of drones for firefighting in tall buildings
  • Latest trends in the use of BIPV glass for building facades
  • Future of Intelligent Facade in UAE- is the market poised for growth?
  • Impact of window design on building energy consumption
  • Using artificial intelligence programs to assess fire risk in tall buildings
  • Energy saving challenges and solutions for glass industry
  • Ensuring fire and life safety for tall buildings – Challenges for Owners and developers
  • How can BIM make the facade of an existing building improve its technical performance and constructability?
  • Environmental and economic impact of the facade cladding system
  • Optimization of complex geometry envelopes for efficient fabrication
  • PV facade integration- An added value for the facade?
  • Adapting facade design to different climatic zones
  • Challenges in computation and amplifications of complex facade design
  • The design and engineering of cold bent glass facade
  • Innovations in facade materials and design
  • Integrating facade design with complex project goals
  • Smart Manufacturing for Continuous, High Technology Glass Production
  • Advances in smart glass and smart-tinting technologies
  • BIPV Facade Applications: Barriers and Strategies
  • How will Integrating Double skin facade with BIPV help in minimizing energy loss?
  • Smart Windows and Zero Energy Buildings: current developments and future perspectives
  • Facade Engineering Challenges for High Performance Buildings

To be a part of the Facades Seminar Series, get in touch with Sidrah our conference producer on SidrahRiaz@dmgevents.com.